Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A bit revealing

I was checking in on Facebook this morning when I came across a post a friend from college posted - 22 Habits of Unhappy People. There are so many blog posts/articles/books that give you x number of things happy people do that I was interested in seeing the opposite. Do I do them?

Wooo boy. It was looking in a mirror. Out of 22 items on the list, I could only cross off 5 as not pertaining to me. Wow. I know this list isn't by an educated medical professional, but when 17 out of 22 hit home, there's gotta be something to it.

Here's the list without the lovely descriptions the author wrote. Check out the article above if you see yourself in these habits:

1. Chronic complaining
2. Retail therapy
3. Binge drinking
4. Worrying about the future
5. Waiting for the future
6. Lack of hobbies
7. Eating poorly
8. Talking poorly of others
9. Holding grudges
10. Stop learning
11. Not following through
12. Hating your job
13. Loneliness (How you choose to socialize)
14. Letting negative thoughts enter your mind
15. Jumping to conclusions
16. Magnification
17. Minimization
18. Self-labeling
19. Not having a goal
20. Worrying about what others think
21. Let stranger's affect your mood
22. Wanting more money

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

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