Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Went for a run

Sunday I decided to go for a run. It had been a week since I ran. A week that included a lovely stomach/intestinal bug that made me so sick. But, it was now two weeks until Shamrock race weekend and three until The Love Run weekend. The training schedule stated 9-10 miles, but I knew that wasn't happening.

I left the house telling the hubby I didn't know how far I was going or how long, but probably not long. I parked the car and realized I forgot Garmin. Yea... I had my Nano, but I can't get it calibrated so I didn't bother with it other than for music. I did put it on the run setting, but other than that hit go and off I went.

The neighborhood I run in has three streets that are about half a mile long one way. I ran in and just went. No idea how far I was going to go, just see how the body felt. I was going pretty well. I decided to run each street up and back. I figured that would get me about four miles.

When I got that far, I felt pretty well so decided to run two streets more. Why not? I felt good and could stop anytime I wanted. At four miles I ran further than I thought I would. After those two streets, I ran the main street then back to the car.

I had no idea how far I went but I knew I ran for 1:56:45. Way longer than the 20-30 minutes I figured I'd run. The run felt stress-free. No distance requirements. No time requirements. I could stop whenever I wanted. I could run as long as I felt good. It was liberating!

I can home and plugged the run into Map My Run. Why not? Let's see how far 1:56:45 got me. Shockingly, I ran 8.15 miles. Wha????

Here's why I'm shocked by this. Last Saturday I ran 7.5 miles in 2:02:--. Ummm... I ran a half mile faster this week after being sick for a week. I'm under 15 minute miles for the first time in ages on a longer run {I run faster for 1-2 miles, but slow up as I go along.}.

Apparently, the lack of direction for this run worked. I won't PR my races this month. I won't come close, but I feel much closer better about running them. This run did a lot for my mental state than any run I've had to date. I may just enjoy my four races this month.

How has your training gone? Are you prepping for races this spring? Which races are you running?

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