Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A boring Tuesday

Really. Boring. I didn't have a good day overall. I skipped breakfast because I had a training at work. I usually eat breakfast at the office when I get there. Well, we're not allowed to eat in the room we had the conference, so no food or tea/coffee this morning. :-(

I did walk at lunch. 30 minutes. I scraped my ankle last week walking and it still hurt today, so I only got 1.6 miles in at lunch. Ah well. I walked. For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravoli meal. It was pretty good. I also had a 100-calorie pack of chips. They were good. Later, I had my fruit snacks. LOL! Love fruit snacks. Which is kinda funny since I didn't have them as a child. Must be regressing or something.

I was going to Wii tonight, but I didn't. My back has been hurting the last week/week and a half and with the fact that I have a herniated disc, I decided to let it rest tonight. I had left over pizza for dinner and sugar-free pudding for dessert. I was over points, I know, but not too badly.

Now just watching The Biggest Loser. I really like this show and since I don't have class on Tuesday nights, I can actually watch it. If I have to watch tv, at least it's a diet show. LOL!

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