Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Won

What a fun evening it has turned out to be! I threw my hat in the ring for a free JumpSmart! jump rope on a weight loss blog I subscribe to. We had to tell our most embarrassing exercise moment. If you want to check it out, click here. So, I sent the email with my address off to the lady in charge of the JumpSmart! I'm very excited and am really looking forward to getting it to see what it's all about. Yea!

Today was a better day emotionally too. I made some snarky remarks about the job situation where I live to boss, to which she agreed. We were talking about how this area is hurting and there's not much out there right now. I don't think she realized I'm talking about myself, which is fine. It makes me feel better making these little comments.

I tried the new Healthy Choice pasta meals that you cook up in the microwave today at lunch. It was high in points, 7 to be exact, but it was decent. It was rotini in meat sauce. I don't normally go for meat sauce, but it wasn't bad. I was surprised. And it was filling and warm. And warm is good when it snowed 3" overnight and you STILL had to go to work!

Came home and did 30 minutes on the Wii. I didn't do anything last night. I really was not in the mood. I seriously couldn't drag my butt off the couch. After Wii, I used the treadmill. Was trying to get in 30 minutes, but it bored the living daylights out of me! I got 20 minutes in before I stopped. Ah well, it's still 50 minutes of exercise.

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