Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rough day

Today was a rough day. I am being let go from my job come June 30th and it really hit me today at work. I was reading an article in a trade magazine that said my industry isn't laying people off, they are finding other means of making things come together. Well, not in my case. I know I will be let go June 30th. There's a new position opening up, but in reality I don't have the skills for it, it's a position much higher than I have now and without direct supervision experience, I will not get it. And I know that. But today, when reading that article and then seeing the employment section in the back, I just got really down. I just feel helpless. The economy is horrible, so the chances of finding a job in my field by the end of June is pretty daunting. I need to change that mentality, but it's not going to be easy.

But, in better and more topical news, I ate out at lunch today. I rarely do that, but a friend and I went to local restaurant. I did well. Removed the cheese and had the dressing on the side, so I was able to cut out a ton of calories. I was happy. I also drank a lot of water. Cereal for breakfast and fruit snacks for dessert. Not too bad today. Especially for going out.

Came home and put in a line turkey tenderloin. Last time we made it, it was delicious! I planned on having that for dinner tonight, but I don't think I have the energy to turn it into anything at this point. I think instead, I'm going to grab a WW meal and call it a night. I'm feeling kinda lazy.

And of course, I played with the Wii. Did a ton of the step. I'm frustrated that I can't get it RIGHT! I keep screwing up the basic step. I did much better on the advanced step, figure that one out! That basic step is KILLING me! LOL! I also did some hula and balance exercises for the first time. I think it was ski jump. That was fun, but I kept screwing up the take-off. I have NO balance! Hopefully the balance exercises will help that.

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