Saturday, February 21, 2009


Who would have thought after all the upheaval and stress of the last three weeks that I'd walk into weigh-in and be down .4 pounds? I was SHOCKED! Seriously. I try to keep track of how I'm doing through the week on my home scale and that was up by 1.5 pounds from the last weigh-in. I was prepared. But, the WW scale said down .4 pounds. I'm ok with that. :-) Who am I to argue?

Now onto the sad part. I was all set to run yesterday afterwards. I even set a goal of adding 1/4 mile onto my run. I would rest a minute after the normal 1.25 miles, then head off for the additional 1/4 mile, giving me a 1.5 mile run. But, Friday I got into a fight. Yes, me. Quiet, conflict-resistant me. I went for a walk at lunch Friday and was moving right along my normal route. I have a 30 minute route laid out that I do a couple times a week to help get exercise in. I was almost 2/3 of the way through, when out of no where, the sidewalk started with me. I was taken by complete surprise. I mean really, I've walked this route multiple times since the beginning of 2009 with no indication that I was causing problems. But, as I was walking, I was tripped by the sidewalk and down I went - hard. I landed on my right side, scraping my right palm and gaining two large lacerations on my right knee/leg. And to top it all off, the sidewalk ripped my favorite pair of pants. Oh, I was mad! Really, I was ambushed because I didn't see it coming. And now it's on. I have a long memory and I will have my revenge.

So, this conflict didn't allow me to exercise Friday night (Wii Fit and bike) and then unable to run on Saturday. I was kinda ticked. I was looking forward to it. Now I can't run until the first Sat. in March as I have my final Sat. class next week. But, I am feeling better, so I am going to work in Wii Fit today. And I will be re-visiting the scene of the crime this week. I'm not going to allow the sidewalk to think it's won. Screw that! I won't let a little fight stop me from walking. No way!

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