Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day III on the Wagon

I'm being creative tonight. So, today, you get ink color!

What a day. I had a job interview this morning that lasted an hour and forty minutes. And that was round one. Ugh. I was told if they wanted to continue with me, I would hear from them late next week or early the following. We shall see.

I grabbed breakfast and lunch on my way back from the interview. Had a delicious coffee - french vanilla coffee with chocolate eclair cream. Yum! I also got a Caesar salad and grapes for lunch. Both were awesome! Why is it that I can buy lunch and be full all afternoon, but packing my own lunch makes me want to eat all afternoon? I ate less at lunch than normal, but I still felt fuller. Stupid.

Came home and did a ton of exercise. Well, just an hour, but I was happy. Jumped on the Wii Fit for 30 minutes. I did 20 minutes of advanced step and 10 minutes of the soccer head butt fame. Set two personal records on the soccer balance game. :-) I was happy. That stupid soccer game is TOUGH! Then I grabbed my little bike and did 30 minutes there too. It upsets my little kitty Elizabeth because she always wants to sit on my lap while I'm biking. LOL! She ended up sitting on the sofa behind me. Then I did my arm routine again. I think I may skip it tomorrow. My arms are feeling a tad sore tonight. Two nights in a row may not have been the best idea! Oh and the Wii Fit said I'm only up .4 pounds from the last time I was on it. If that's true, I may not have gained too much. :) That makes me happy. Weigh-in Sat. Ugh.

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