Friday, February 27, 2009

Early Days

Two days into Lent, some good things and some bad things. I've done well so far with my resolutions to date. Granted, it's all of two days, but it's good.

Fasting seemed to change the way I feel after I eat. I have felt fuller after eating, even to the point where I stop eating before I normally would. It's interesting.

I'm realizing I have nothing in the house for "dessert." Last year I got fun yogurts and froze them. That was great. So, need to go out and grab some "desserts."

Today, I was really really sick. I didn't eat my whole lunch because I was feeling very full. Then I just felt horrible. I left work early and slept. It was heavenly. It was just what I needed.

Tomorrow is splurge day. Yea! I have class in the morning, so no weigh-in, but I've done a much better job this week in staying on track than I did last time I would miss weigh-in. I might have lost a pound this week. :-) Back on track!

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