Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wow...it's been a while

Well, I swore I got on here over the weekend. Strange...

Anyway...all is going well on the diet front. I have not eaten any meat since Ash Wednesday and nary a drop of sweet junk food has passed my lips. It's all going swimmingly. :-) Though I am having a hard time with getting the points right. I was a tad over last night. Ah well. This is a work in progress, right?

Saturday night hubby and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 13th dating anniversary. Yup. We celebrate the anniversary of our first date. Now that we live in Central PA we can go to the actual location again. So, off we went to TJ Rockwell's in Elizabethtown, PA. Ahhh...Rockwell's. We were very excited for Rhino fries. What are Rhino fries you ask? They are the best french fries EVER! There is some form of cheese combo, mixed with fries and topped with Ranch dresssing that is just to die for! And they are WAY better than any other place that claims to make this type of frie. Seriously. Ask anyone who's had them. Anyway, I digress. We had a couple beers, Rhino fries, and then dinner came. I ordered a salmon Caesar salad, one of my favorites. Yea. I got about 1/3 of the way through and couldn't finish. I was STUFFED! I don't know if it's the eating healthy, the fasting from Wednesday or what, but I couldn't eat another bite. What makes this strange is that in years past, I had no problem with appetizer, main course, AND dessert. Guess eating healthy and eating the right amount of food changes a person, eh?

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