Sunday, February 15, 2009

Second Poor Week in a Row

Ugh. Had another poor week. It was bad in more than just food though. The underlying stress of course is the job situation. Waiting to hear what the job description of the Director position will be before I make the final decision on the job. Husband was sick this week and we're still waiting to figure out what's going on. The good thing is he is now on stronger antibiotics and is doing better. Thank God. But while we were trying to figure out what was going on, it was upsetting. I also had a job interview this week, but it was canceled after I waited in the lobby for 10 minutes. There was a personal emergency for the interviewer right as I got there, so we have to reschedule. I was also stressed on my projects for my Advanced Research Methods class. This is the first assignments due and I am scared to death I'm going to loose my good GPA. I'll see this Thursday how I did.

With that being said, I ate horribly and had no exercise. I came home and didn't move off the sofa. I would love to say it was because of the homework I had this week, but in reality it was due to depression and not caring. I couldn't bring myself to do anything. I actually am lucky my homework got done honestly. But this was a bad week. I am going to get on the scale in the morning to see how badly I've affected my Jan. loss. Which scares me honestly. The goal this week is to try to reverse the gain of the last two weeks. I go back to WW this Sat. and I HOPE that I can stay the same, though a gain of 1 pound wouldn't kill me. If I can get back to where I was at the end of Jan by the end of the month, I can live with that.

And with that, I ordered a dress for the wedding I have in Vegas this July. I bought it in a 12, which means I have to loose 25 pounds to get into it. I might have to adjust my seven squared goal for July, but I believe I can be down 25 pounds by the end of July. So, I ordered the dress. Want to see it? Ok, twist my arm!

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