Friday, March 27, 2009

Repeat Last Post Title

Yes, you read that right. I beat my PR at Shelley Park again! Woohoo! B and I went running after work because the weather looks iffy for the morning. So, we drove up to the park and we ran. I was struggling a little in the beginning because my keys were in my pants. They have a pocket near the knee with a zipper, which I thought would be a good place for car keys. So, as I'm running I remove my keys and put them in my waist band. I was impressed with that manuveur. LOL!

And off I was. I wasn't sure how I was doing as I went out. The mile on this track is 1/2 mile out, 1/2 mile back. So, I get to the half-way point and I was at 6:14. That is 10 seconds faster than Tuesday. I was stoked! But, the issue for me is the return run. Going back is hard. It's like it's almost all uphill. Really. Not making this up. I will take a photo one day and show you. Anyway, I get to the end of my full mile and low and behold, I finished at 14:09 - 16 seconds faster than Tuesday! Yea! I know this cannot continue. But for now, I am excited!

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