Monday, May 4, 2009

5k Maybe?

I am a very slow runner, but as my friend Kim says, by saying I'm a runner and going out there, makes me a runner. Though the longest run I've ever had is 2 miles and that at 30 minutes. I have run in the Harrisburg Mile the past two years. That's a rough mile only because it's a Wednesday night in July. Who has a race in night???

But, I am contemplating a full 5k. Yup, 3.2 miles. I am thinking this race

Baltimore Women's Classic

I would have two months to go from 2 miles to 3.2 miles for the race. There are plenty of people so I could get lost and maybe not finish last (t-shirt to the first 1,500 registrants). From what people say on the website, it's well run and fun. And it's women only. Which means, no offense hubby, that I wouldn't be running with Brian. He's WAY faster than me and I would like to do this on my own without worrying I'm slowing him down.

So, I'm thinking of running a 5k. I have until June 18th to make a final decision, but I think I'll decide before then. If I'm gonna do this, I want the t-shirt!


  1. Thanks. I emailed the race to see if there's a time limit on finishing. I got an email back saying no, that there are people who are elite racers who run it in 16 minutes, intermediate people who run it in 35-40 minutes, and there are walkers who take an hour, so lots of variety. I'm thinking more and more I may do it. Which is really scary! LOL!