Sunday, May 3, 2009


I rocked at exercise today! LOL! I didn't know what the day would hold since it's raining. So, I did an hour on my little exercise bike, then some arm exercises with my 8 pound weights, and finlly did some karate punches. I like doing those and you can work up a sweat if you do them fast enough.

Then, the rain slowed down dramatically from this morning. And then, after hearing my friend Lynn ran a marathon in pouring rain, I decided I would run, even if it was raining. So, off I went to the local park to run a mile. I haven't run in about 3 weeks. It was a sad, sad mile and I walked a little on the hill, but I did it. I ran my horrible hilly course today in the rain. Not a great time 14:24, but for not having run in 3 weeks and having a record of just under 14 on this course, not too bad, right? I was wrong. Fastest time at Shelley was 14:09, so just 15 seconds faster than today. But today was faster than last time I ran at Shelley, about a month ago. Gotta run more often and consistently.

I'm now debating whether I try a race. I am so proud of my friends who run races, no matter what the distance and I would like to do one too, but I have horrible times. It would take me close to 45 minutes to do a 5k and I don't want to finish and have no one there. There's an all woman 5k in Baltimore at the end of June. I'm debating. Plenty of time to register as I think the deadline if June 18th. So, we shall see. I may keep my eye on it and see. I just don't know if I could finish with a decent time...or at least one where people would still be at the finish line...

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