Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Saturday Check In

Woke up this morning tired. Just did not want to wake up. And knowing I had probably gained, I didn't really want to go. I had a rough week and didn't eat all my points each day, so I had no allusions to having lost this week. But, I went. Told the lady at the counter I had gained, stepped on the scale and was down. Who knew? I lost .6 pounds this week. I was really surprised. I am willing to take it. :-) And after such a HUGE loss last week, .6 isn't too bad.

Then off to the park to run. It was hot this morning. At times overcast, but mostly not. LOL! My goal today was 3.25 miles. I'd done 3 miles for 2 weeks, why not up the distance? So, off I went. My first half mile and mile were great! My half mile time was 6:02, which was .06 seconds faster than I've ever run a half mile before. I was feeling pretty good about myself at that point. And excited to think that I may beat my one mile time. When I hit the one mile marker, checked my watch and low and behold, I beat my mile time as well - 12:16! That is 29 seconds faster than I have ever gone before! Woohoo! I was very proud of that. And then I continued on and didn't look at my watch again until mile 2. I did my two miles in 29:56, which isn't great, but under 30 minutes made me happy. And then no looking at watch until mile 3.25. And that was TOUGH! I really wanted to see where I was at mile 3, but didn't. I was kinda dying at 3.25, but I made it. And I did it in 52:02. I think a snail was cheering me on at that point, but whatever. I ran 3.25 miles. :-) And I was very sweaty. LOL!

I have a 1-2 mile fun run/walk next Sat. and I think I am doing the Baltimore Woman's Classic the following weekend. B's going to try to sell the concert tickets for Sat. night. If he can, then we'll go to Baltimore Sat. and I'll run my first ever 5k Sunday June 28th.

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