Monday, June 8, 2009

Starting off the Week

Monday. Bleh! Though my Monday got better at noon, when I began "working from home." Apparently boss thought about how dumb it was to have me in the office when I had nothing to do. And even more so when I had finished all the ideas she had for me. So, at noon, I officially began "working from home."

It's been a good two days so far. Yesterday I did ok. I did the Wii Active, but missed the bike. I kept saying I would get to it, but I never did. I also went over a tad in points. I had TONS at the end of the day and ate a little too much humus. Oops! But it wasn't too bad.

Today, did well. I am on points and got in 5 exercise points! LOL! I ran at the park for 30 minutes, which earned me 4 points and my Wii Active session earned me 1 point. It makes me sweat, but I really can't imagine it's "hard." At this point I have 8 points left. Ummm...I'm not getting in another 8 points...I'm FULL! I suppose that's a good thing, right? :-) Though I will say dinner was delicious! Who knew an 8 point dinner could fill you up so much?

Tomorrow we have tickets to the Hershey Bears. I have to figure out what to eat when we're there. I may try pierogies, as I think that might be the healthiest option there. Though I'm really digging their turkey/cheese toasted hoagies. LOL!

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