Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Morning

What a nightmare of a week. I found out about the job I interviewed for at work. I didn't get it. So, I am going to be unemployed starting July 1. I'm really upset over this and having a hard time with it. I had a GREAT review and I have been working in the field for three years with an additional 6 years experience in non-profit fundraising and I didn't get the job. And to top it all off, if I want to be paid through the end of the month, I have to keep coming in. Ugh.

So, Thursday and Friday took a hit eating/exercise wise. I got about 1/2 my water in Thursday, under in points, and no exercise. Friday, hardly had anything to drink all day, no exercise, and I think on target with points. So, I didn't know what to expect when I went to weigh-in this morning. Did those two days mess up all the hard work of the previous four days? So, I headed in to see what the damage was. I was down 3.2 pounds! Yea me! And it got me to 20.4 pounds down total. Thrilled with that. Three weeks ago I wanted to be down 20 pounds by the first weekend of June, but with the gain last week, I didn't think I could do it. So excited my hard work this week paid off. :-) So, now I have 10.8 pounds to go before the end of July. It's possible. Down to the home stretch. I need to take lessons from this week and continue them into next. I can't imagine I would have another 3.2 pound loss, but it might be a 2 pound loss, which would be fabulous!

After weigh-in it was off to the park to run. Got there, stretched, and turned on the shuffle to head off. But, something went horribly wrong. The shuffle was not charged! I had to run with NO music. The horror! Seriously, it was bad. LOL! So, off I went to run 3 miles without music. The first mile was going fantastic! I got to the half mile point three seconds faster than ever before. I was so excited that this mile would be the fastest I ever run. Checked the watch at 3/4 mile marker and thought I was doing great. Hit the mile marker, checked the watch, and it said 00:00. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Somehow the watch reset. :-( So upset! So, I have no idea how fast my first mile was. I KNOW I would have posted a great mile time. So sad. But, I bravely continued on and finished strong at 3 miles. Only the second time in my life I've run 3.

So, it's decision time. Do I sign up for the 5k in Baltimore or not? I have a concert the night before I would have to sell tickets to because I couldn't be in Philly Sat. night for a concert and then be in Baltimore the next morning for a race. Just insane. So, I have to decide and I have to do it before the 7th, because that's when pre-registration is over and the fee goes up. LOL!

Goals for the week:

1. Drink 64oz water every day.
2. Eat on points every day except Sat. (like every week)
3. Run 2 nights.
4. Do another form of cardio/weights 4 nights this week.

These were my goals last week and it lead to a 3.2 pound loss. I am going to keep them up. :)


  1. I can not run without music. I feel your pain! and your watch zeroed out? POOR THING! I am glad you kept going, sometimes it is nice to just run and not pay attention to pace, just run to run.

  2. P.S. I am sorry about the job. I do believe though that things happen the way they should. So learn whatever you need to from this and await your next adventure.

  3. 1. Running without music sucks. I pace how fast I run to music, sorta. I use the beat of the music to help me stay somewhat on the same speed and without it, I have no idea how fast I am going. Ugh. It was ok yesterday to just run, because I knew how FAR I needed to go. If I was just out for a run, sometimes the music is what keeps me going though.

    2. Unfortunately, I have learned that I don't think I want to work in higher education again. This place SUCKED to work for. And while I may be generalizing, I'm ok with that. I think I'm going back to event fundraising if I can. But, for now, I'm looking at substitute teaching while I finish my MA. Plus, there really isn't a whole lot out there at the moment. :-(

  4. awesome job on the weight loss!!

  5. Thanks Carrie! I'm trying! Down 20.4 since January. 10.8 more til first goal, then another 20 pounds til I hit my ultimate goal. :-)