Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Tuesday. That's it. Nothing exciting.

It's Tuesday. Such a boring day. I always thought Tuesday got the short end of the stick. I mean everyone basically hates Mondays, Wednesdays are hump day, Thursday is the day BEFORE Friday and well, Friday...enough said. And that's kinda how I feel today, eh, it's Tuesday.

Been working my butt off exercise-wise this week. I did an hour on Sunday. I did the Wii Active and my little bike. Then Monday, I did Wii Active and I ran for 30 minutes at the park. Today, did Wii Fit (since it's a rest day from Wii Active - really, it is. The machine told me so.) for 30 minutes, my 8lb arm weight routine and 30 minutes on the treadmill. It's been a good week for exercise. I anticipate doing my Wii Active tomorrow and running again at the park for 30-40 minutes. Debating upping it Wednesday or not. Then Thursday. Not sure what I want to do. I will do Wii Active, but do I run again or not. I'm debating. I could go for a "sprint" run, just to see how fast I can run a mile at Shelley, see if I've improved my 1 mile time. Then come back and do the bike again. Just not sure.

This week I am weighing in a day early because I am running in the Hershey Chocolate Miracle 5k and 1-2 Mile Fun Run (when did running become fun???). My hubby is doing the 5k and I am doing the "fun run." So, since I normally weigh in on Saturday, I am going Friday so I can run on Sat. Which means I have one less day to workout/eat well this week. I really need 1.5-2 pounds this week. I don't know if I can do it, but I really need that loss. I have 10.2 pounds to loose before July 23, which seems like plenty of time, but it's not. I'm getting nervous.

And in other running news, I signed up for the Baltimore Woman's Classic on Sunday, June 28th. Eeek! What did I do??? Well, I will do it and I will finish. My goal is to run the entire race with no walking breaks. I would LOVE to see a time in under 50 minutes, but it doubtful. Wish me luck!! I'll need it. :-)

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