Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Following Tuesday

Hahaha! Ok, not so funny, but when I realized yesterday I hadn't checked in since last Tuesday, I decided to post until today to make it a full week. Dorky, I know. Could be why no one's leaving comments anymore. LOL!

Last week was a good one in terms of exercise. I did a TON! I ran 8.75 miles last week, the most I've ever run in one week before. I was really excited about that. I almost got to 10 miles, but just never got in that last run of the week. Ah well. I'll survive.

The big issue last week was eating. And normally it would be eating too much, but instead it was eating too little. I didn't get in all my points on any day but Thursday of last week. It was bad. I was under by at least 2-3 points each day. At first I didn't sweat it, I figured one or two days wouldn't kill me. Then it turned into everyday and it did mess me up. :-(

And by that I mean, I weighed-in on Friday last week and stayed the same. :-( Was so NOT happy about that at all. I talked to the girl at the desk and we think it was because I didn't eat my points. I got my water in. I obviously got my exercise in. The only thing it could be was not eating all my points each day. Sucks.

So, this week I am working on getting in all my points each day. It's not easy when you're at home everyday. I say that because it's all too easy to get them in. I could eat everything in the house, so instead it's a challenge to only eat 23 points a day. It's a challenge to not pig out of random stuff throughout the day and then go, crap! What can I eat for dinner?

I realized yesterday that through the month of August, I'm going to have to weigh-in on Fridays. This weekend I could go Sat, but I have so much going on food-wise that to keep myself sane, it's best I go Friday.

July 4th - Family party in NJ
July 11th - wedding in NJ
July 18th - weekend in NYC with friends
July 25th - Las Vegas for friend's wedding

So, there you have it. An up-to-date accounting of where things stand. I'll try not to let a week pass again without posting.

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