Monday, August 3, 2009

5.5 pounds

Yup, in the last two weeks (give or take a day), I have gained 5.5 pounds back. Ugh. I mean, that only equates to 2.25 pounds per week, if thought of logically, but still. That's a lot! I was a little afraid to get on the scale cause when I came back from Vegas the scale said 7 pounds and that was before the "all-you-can-eat-cold." So, this morning I was thinking it would say 10. Apparently, the body fighting off the cold virus for 6 days (and counting) helped. Yea cold! You were good for something. *rolleyes*

So, it's start fresh day. I'm hoping I can be down about half of that before going back to WW. That would be acceptable. It's going to take a few weeks to get it off, but I can do it. I would LOVE to loose another 10-15 before heading on our next trip, but I think 10 might be the max I can expect in the next 9 weeks. *crossed* it can happen.

So, today, I cleaned out the fridge. Nothing more fun that cleaning out the refrigerator let me tell you! It's cleaned out and ready for food. I need to write out the grocery list for the next few weeks and get some veggies. I'll head to the two small stands near the house for that, then the grocery store for the other stuff. I think we're ok overall, just need a good amount of perishables - veggies, fruits, milk, break, etc. Stuff you get when you're going to get 10 feet of snow. LOL!

I am still coughing with my cold and I think there's a post-nasal drip thing happening, so I'm holding off on the Wii. I go to the doctor on Friday about my knee. Hoping that she'll tell me to just get a good brace and I'll be good to go. I have two runs coming up, one of which I've never run that distance before. I need to get back out there if I'm going to do them!

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