Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation + Cold = Really bad eating habits

Ugh. I had a FANTABULOUSACIOUS time in Las Vegas! I already miss my friends and wish we all lived closer or that the United States was smaller. Either way, I would get to be with them more often. It was a great time, the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and Las Vegas...well, was Las Vegas!

The problem was I ate like crap. I don't think I ate all that much actually. We generally missed one meal a day based on what time we got up and what we were doing. The big problem? The drinking. Even with Miller Lites, I drank too much every day. It was the biggest drinking trip I've been on, including the last trip with these ladies to NOLA. LOL! I think that's what killed me. :-( So sad.

Then, after returning home, I came down with a cold. And it just was not pretty. Initially, I didn't want to eat much, my throat hurt. Then I realized eating/drinking actually allowed me to swallow without pain and I was done for. Especially when I realized we had ice cream. And what goes better with a sore throat than ice cream? It has not been pretty.

I still have the remenants of my cold. I've eaten better today, but I can't guartenee that's going to stay for the day. My goal is to go back to the WW plan tomorrow. Maybe knock off a point more than I should to compensate. I have a ton to undo over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to loose what I gained over vacation and then 10-15 by October 8th. We leave on our next big outing that day. Hopefully I can do it!

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