Saturday, August 22, 2009


Over the last few weeks, I have been trying to get myself back into 5k mode. After the 5k in June, I took about a month off due to various health calamities - knee pain and stupid, never-ending cold. But, at the beginning of August, I went back to running. My friend Crystal had a great way of looking at it. Add a mile a week. So, week one was 1 mile three times a week. Worked out great! I was happy about that. Week two was 2 miles a week three times a week. It didn't go so well. I did a mile and a half the first run, then 30 minutes on the treadmill (which said 1.65 miles, but I have my doubts) and finally 2 miles on the treadmill. Last week was a "work my way up to 2 miles" week. LOL!

Today was three miles. We went to the park to run, where there are mile markers and I know exactly how far I've run rather than guessing. Mile one sucked. My stomach HURT. I didn't think I'd make it through mile one. Then I hit mile two. About halfway through, I got a stitch in my side. Ugh. Really?? So, at this point, I'm thinking, get to 2.5 miles and work your way up to three by the end of the week. I hit mile three and feel fine. It was crazy! So, I hit the 2.5 mile marker and decide to keep going. It's only 1/2 mile, see what happens. AND I FINISHED! It was the first time since June that I have run 3 miles. Woohoo! So now I have do that two more times this week. Guess I'll be heading to the park again. LOL!

Next Saturday starts 8k training. B and I are visiting friends in WI in Oct. and will be running an 8k (4.97 miles) with them on the Sat. That's two whole miles longer than I've ever run. Eek! So, here's what I'm thinking training-wise for Sept/Oct.

Week of Aug. 29th - 3.5 miles
Week of Sept. 5th - 4 miles
Week of Sept. 12th - 4.5 miles
Week of Sept. 19 - 5 miles with the For McHenry Tunnel Run 5k on Sunday

Then I have a couple weeks between that and leaving for vacation that gives me some time if I'm a little behind in the training. Wish me luck! I'll need it!

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