Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awesome Run!

Tonight I went running. I've been going during the day, but it's just so darn hot! I'm not a morning person, so to get up when the temps are somewhat cooler eludes me. So, I've been getting up and running at 9:30 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. for about 50 minutes. This is hot. And my park, while lovely, has very little shade during the day.

So, I decided to try to go at night. I was not happy all day about this. In fact, I was kinda dreading it. As it got closer to 6:30 p.m., my self-imposed departure time, I was just annoyed as all get out. When I worked, I usually went right after work, since it was the only time I could do (see morning discussion above). But, since in reality, I had all day to run, I felt annoyed I had to get up NOW to do it.

I got to the park and it was actually temperature-wise, pretty nice. I was surprised. I did wear light capri pants and a tank top. I wasn't taking any chances after Tuesday! I started off and felt like I was running faster than usual, which was fine with me. This week I haven't had good run times. When I hit the one mile marker, I was at 12:19...3 seconds slower than my PR. I was sooooooooo close! Once I got past that one mile mark, my concentration was on mile two. Tuesday, my two mile time was an abysmal 20 minutes. Horrible. Seriously. I did NOT want another 20 minute mile 2. So, I pushed myself more than usual. When I hit the 2 mile marker I was at 28:55, a two mile time of 16:36!! I was so freaking excited! Mile two has always been hard for me. Then it was off to mile 3, which I worried would be bad, since I really pushed on mile two and with mile one being so good...When I came around to the 3 mile marker I finished at 45:47, a three mile time of 17:52. While it's a tad slower than mile 2, it's sure wasn't that bad! And in honesty, I think I've been running 3.25 miles rather three. The path I take states one full loop is 1-1/8 of a mile and I do two full loops, plus one slightly shorter loop. So, I may be running futher than 3 miles.

Saturday starts 8k training. I'm adding half a mile to my current three mile distance. I'll be up around 55 miles, maybe? Though I do know I'm going to lay off the idea of pushing the time in favor of getting in the distance. I'll keep you posted!

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