Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I hate clothing manufacturers

So, I am in the process of cleaning up the house, as we will have company this weekend. In our extra bedroom up stairs is where I keep the bins with all my old clothes that I outgrew and that I working on ingrowing. Last night, I went up stairs and started trying things on to see what fit and what still was too small.

Some of the clothing that I wore FIVE years ago at this weight (which you still won't know) DON'T FIT. WTF? Seriously. Why did these clothes fit 5 years ago, but not now? I have clothes in the bedroom that are too big in sizes that didn't fit up stairs. I understand that different "designers" fit differently, but really? I have pants that are falling off in the size that I could barely button upstairs. Ugh.

I did get some capris, pants, and my adorable denim skirt that I bought for my 5 year college class reunion. I was THRILLED my demin skirt fits again. It's just in time for a wedding we have on Sat. I wanted a cute sun dress, but my dresses are either too dressy or sleeveless. I don't feel comfortable going to this out door wedding reception in sleeveless, so I'm happy my demin skirt fits. :) Bought a cute shirt to wear with it, as the last time I wore the skirt, all the tops that went with it were 3/4 or long sleeve. That's not going to work for an out door wedding reception in August.


  1. I'm currently wearing clothes in 3 different sizes - that is AFTER losing 16 pounds. Isn't that just ridiculous? I must have clothes in 10 different sizes in my house. So sad. Now if only I could get into some of the lower numbers.

  2. I hear ya! I have clothes in 5 different sizes, though I only have one item in the smallest size. I bought it thinking I would lose all this weight before our 5 year anniversary. Three years later... LOL! But, I'm getting into some smaller sizes, but not all. Annoying!