Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Middle of the week, which is always nice. Means there are only a couple days til the weekend (and WI). Though Wednesdays are generally boring.

Had an eh day. Hoping that doesn't kill me. Breakfast of Special K Blueberry cereal, as always. Lunch was simple. A nice veggie burger on a lite roll with reduced-fat cheese. I also had Kraft Mac 'n Cheese chips. They are ok, not great. But, I was kinda tired of everything we had, so I went with these. Dinner was where I may have gone wrong. I had a meeting tonight at a restaurant. I checked the menu ahead of time and decided on either a turkey wrap or a Caribbean Salmon wrap. I thought, I would give myself options when I got there. I went with the Caribbean Salmon wrap, which I anticipated being a piece of salmon in a wrap with the roasted red pepper and mango. I was kinda right. Rather than salmon filet, it was more like tuna and was mixed with something. It was good, but I don't think it was as healthy as I thought it was based on the description. Then I came home and ate a few too many licorice allsorts. They are so yummy! Hence why I shouldn't be eating them. LOL!

No exercise. I should have used the Wii, but I didn't. I was working on my thesis, then it was time to get ready to go. Oops. I'll get back into the Wii habit. Just taking longer than I thought it would.

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