Friday, September 25, 2009


I like my scale at home. My scale at home had been stuck at the same weight on the home scale for weeks, but today I was down...2.5 pounds down. I was thrilled! While my scale and the one at WW isn't the same, if I loose at home, I loose at WW. Apparently, that's not working anymore. I was down .6 at WW today. :-(

So very frustrating. I've been basically knocking on the door of 30 pounds for about a month. Right now I am a pound away from it. I am so freaking close, but not there. My goal in January was 30 pounds by July 23rd. It is now Sept. 24 and I am STILL not at 30 pounds down. WTH???

Oh and let's not talk about my 12 pounds by Oct. 8th goal. That's completely fantasy at this point. I am only down 6 pounds of the 12 pounds. Seriously, what the hell is wrong? Why can't I get there? I was at this point to my goal at the end of Aug. and then something went drastically wrong. So frustrated.


  1. it stinks. as you get closer to goal, the more difficult it is to lose the weight.

  2. Oh Carrie, how I wish I were close to goal. I am still 21 pounds away. :-( Which means I have lost more than half of the goal, but it still seems so far away...