Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weekend

Ahhh...the weekend. A time of relaxation, a chance to sleep in, and just have a nice time. And for me, to slip completely off my healthy eating habits. Ugh. Friday was fine until we went out to dinner and had the appetizer and two beers. I had a light beer, which is good, but hubby wanted an appetizer, so we got one. :-( Ate half a quesadilla and then half the margharita pizza I ordered. The pizza was really good, for the record.

Saturday, I actually did well. Had my great run Sat. morning and then a breakfast of donuts. Then we grabbed dinner at Isaac's as we were running errands Sat. afternoon/evening. When all was said and done, I was on points for Sat.

Sunday was a disaster! It always is when I'm completely out of my comfort zone. When I have to make decisions on the fly, I don't do so hot. We went to the Philadelphia Eagles game in Philly and ate out all day. Ugh. Had a bagel with a delicious spinach and artichoke cheese spread for breakfast and a beer. After the game, grabbed some bread and more of the cheese spread. On the way home, stopped at WaWa (ahhhh....WaWa....) and had a bag of TGIFriday's Mozzerella Sticks (I didn't eat the whole bag. That's got to count for something, right???) with a cup of pre-made iced coffee. Now, in my defense, the last time I got iced coffee from WaWa, it was just coffee and I added my own milk and sugar. This time it was mixed and I didn't know that until AFTER I poured my cup. When we got home, we reheated our pizza from Friday and we were done. Ugh. But I KNOW the damage was done as well. Weekends suck. :-(


I do have a plan for the week. Hopefully the plan will help me get back on track. I have given up sweets until Friday. No cookies, pie, cake, brownies, candy, etc. I snack too much lately and I decided I need to cut back. So, for now, no more sweets. It may continue until vacation, but right now it's til Friady.

I am so trying to consume more of my points during the day and leave less points after dinner. I generally eat very little during the day so I can make sure I have enough points at dinner for dinner and dessert. So, today, I am working on eating more during the day, so I have less points for snacks at night.

And third, I'm trying to work in more fruits and veggies again. I think I did really well when I was concentrating on them more than lately, so I'm working on upping my consumption. If I eat fruits and veggies, I get more food and better filling foods. Right now, as I type, applesauce is being made in my crock pot. A nice after dinner dessert. :-)

Those are my goals for the week. Hopefully they will help make a dent in my freaking 30 pound weight-loss goal!


  1. OK - 1) good for you for noticing your bad days. we all have them - don't get discouraged 2) You can do it! 3) please tell me your secret for being able to eat donuts and still stay on points??? oh that must be the exercise. nevermind! :o)

  2. 1) Thanks. Yup, I can completely see bad days. Have a hard time NOT having them though. LOL!

    2) Awww...thanks!

    3) The running doesn't account for it, honestly. It's just the excuse. LOL! The two I had were 11 points. I subtract that from the total of what I can have and go from there. It's not easy on donut day, but it's so nice to cheat THAT badly. :-) What did I have Sat...

    1 Boston Cream Donut (6)
    1 chocolate covered donut (5)
    Small side salad (2)
    Larkspur (tortilla wrap, sprouts, tomatoes, spinach, cheese) (8)

    I can't have much the rest of the day, but if you plan it, it's possible. :)