Friday, November 13, 2009

Boot Camp Weigh In 2 - Day 12 of Boot Camp

Hi All! Weigh in this morning. I know I slipped a little from week one, got a little sloppy this week, so I was hoping for a loss of some kind. Initially, like last week, I was hoping for 2.5 pounds. Thought that would be a really nice number. But then, I decided 2 would be ok too. In reality, loosing two weeks in a row for me is an accomplishment, so I was hoping for anything. LOL! So, got up and headed to the center. Drum roll please...1.4 pounds. So, not as much as I wished, but I did loose. That's HUGE for me. Two weeks in a row. Wow. And it got me over the 30 pounds lost mark (31.4 thank you very much) and it got me into the next 10 pound range. Which, let me tell you, has been a LONG time coming! I have been trying to get past the last 10 pounds for a good 5 months. Ugh. So, I am finally in the next 10 pound range and have not weighed this since spring 2004. Yup. It's been that long. Wow. I need 1 pound to be back at my lowest weight that I can remember and that also was spring 2004. Maybe next week.

Alright, now that today's weigh-in has been covered, time to go over how yesterday went (obviously not too badly since I lost this week). :-)

Exercise: Used the treadmill to run. I should have gone somewhere, but I was feeling lazy. Ran 20 minutes, but my stomach was killing me. Apparently, I ran too quickly after eating lunch. So, I then walked for 5 minutes, then finished off with 5 more minutes running. I have to remember that I need lots of time between eating and running.

Water: Got it all in. Some of it was hot tea, but I still got it in.

Sweets: Nothing.

Points: Ugh. I was under today. I guess that makes up a little for all the days I was over this week. LOL! We went out to eat last night to help support the SPCA here and I thought my dinner was more points than it actually was. Guess that's a problem I should have more often. Ah well. One day won't kill me.

9:00 p.m.: No snacks for me. Had my last serving of fruit just in time.

Breakfast: Boring cereal. Going to try eggs next time I have breakfast at home. I think that will help shake things up a bit.

3 Fruits: Got the fruit in...barely. I remembered while we were out that I needed one more fruit for the day. We rushed through Borders and got home in time for me to have grapes to get all three fruits in. Phew!

2 Vegetables: Had a delicious salad, which covered both my vegetables for the day. It's so freaking good! It's probably my favorite out to eat salad ever. Three types of lettuce, carrots, onions, dried cheeries, walnuts and a raspberry vinegriatte dressing. Yum!

Total Boot Camp Weight Loss: 5.4 pounds
Total Pounds to go to end of year goal: 9.6

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