Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 4 - Day 4 of Boot Camp

Day 4 went well. I may have finally had a day where everything worked out!

Exercise: It has been a long time since I ran. Like three weeks. I ran the Tuesday after coming home from vacation, then slacked. Ugh. So, I decided to jump back on the bike and run. I used the treadmill with a goal of 30 minutes. I was so close. I ran the first 25 minutes, then realized I was spent. Walked for three minutes, then decided I could run the last two. So, I did get in 27 minutes of running. Not great, but not the worst it could be. Afterwards, I used my Wii Active Upper Body (Easy) routine for some added exercise. The routine lasted 18 minutes. Yea! So, the best day of exercise all week.

Water: Got it all in...finally!

Sweets: None

Points: Today, I stayed on track. Shocked, but did it. I had too many points at the end of the day though. Somehow I have to figure out how to leave myself enough points at the end of the day for a snack, but not so many that I'm scrambling to figure out how to spend them. It's a learning process. And it's only day 4.

9:00 p.m.: Nailed this. No problems whatsoever. This one seems to be getting easier.

Breakfast: Went back to the boring breakfast of Special K Blueberry cereal, soy milk, dried blueberries, and coffee. I'm starting to run low on the Special K cereal, but I have some Kashi Blueberry (which I think is better than the Special K, but more expensive. I only have Kashi due to a sale at the grocery store AND a coupon) which I will be starting shortly. I like having a little bit of a bigger breakfast and it's not killing me later in the day as I always thought it would. Maybe I'm learning. Shock!

3 Fruits: Got it! Had the dried blueberries at breakfast, grapes at lunch, and a banana after dinner. Not bad. It's not as hard as I thought to get them in. Though I am running into a problem today. I finished the blueberries yesterday and can't find my dried cherries and the grapes are basically done. Lovely. I have a banana left and there's apples and pears in the fridge. Enough for today, but will need to hit the grocery store for tomorrow!

2 Vegetables: Had a great veggie day! Made a large salad for lunch with tuna. It turned out awesome! Even hubby liked it. :-) Then we had the chili with all the extra veggies in it for dinner over a baked potato. Yummy! So, veggies we're too hard to get in.

Hoping for a good weigh-in day tomorrow. Would love to see the 4.2 pounds I gained in Oct. vanish, but I'll be happy with any loss. It's a start and that's all I'm really asking for.


  1. You will lose!!! (keep repeating it to yourself!) You've been doing great this week. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping. I'll post in the morning. :-) I really feel like tomorrow is the first weigh-in. Hopefully it works that way!