Thursday, December 3, 2009

Extended Boot Camp Day 2

Well, it went well. The whole fasting thing on Monday really helped get me back on track. I'm very happy about that.

Food was good. I stayed on points. Had 1/2 a blueberry bagel (yum!) with some ICBINB, a banana and coffee with light soy milk. Lunch was just a WW meal, which worked out fine since I was cleaning almost all afternoon and I needed something quick. Dinner, we made yummy mac 'n cheese with TONS of veggies. I like mine with some hot sauce, so tasty! I also had enough points for one of my pumpkin iced cupcakes. Yea! Had no problem with water either. And nothing after 9:00 p.m. Had an easy time with the veggies, since I had a TON in the mac 'n cheese and my WW Meal had them in it, but I missed some fruit. That seems to be the hardest to get in lately. No idea why.

I didn't have any official exercise in for the day. I did walk up steps. I was working on putting things in the attic, so I walked up the steps from the big bedroom on the second floor to the attic multiple times and down from the second bedroom to the first floor. It was nuts! I also cleaned the room, packed boxes, and vacuumed. It was insane! But the big bedroom looks better than it has EVER. LOL!

Extended boot camp seems to be working well. I'll be back tomorrow with how weigh in goes and today's recap. Hope you are all well!

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