Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Wars 1 Chris 0

In reality, food wars are probably much further ahead, but let's just say that for the weekend, food wars won.  Ugh. 

Friday night was all that horrible...alright, it was.  Ugh.  I had three beers, a burger, fries, and some appetizers.  It's really hard to turn down free appetizers and the one I really wanted to try, but knew that hubby wouldn't like, was part of the freebie.  How do you resist that???  I will say I didn't have dessert.  Well, I had two small bites of hubby's, but that's not much.

Saturday didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I was to get up and run, then head to my cousin's birthday party.  I got up and realized I forgot to make the nuts I promised to make.  So, I got up and made the nuts, but that didn't leave me time to run.  Ugh.  So, I had a quick breakfast, shower and changed.  Off we went to my cousin's for her birthday party.  Except it wasn't a birthday party for my cousin, it was a graduation party for me!  Wow.  They keep a mean secret in my family!  So, I didn't do too badly until we headed home.  I grabbed a bag of chips (small) and ate the whole thing.  Ugh. 

Sunday I had a baby shower, which I was fairly ok at.  I had no control over the food, but I tried to stay with the veggies.  I did have some spinach dip since I get it about 1-2 times a year (hubby isn't a big fan).  But, I had one plate of food and no desserts.  I was proud of that.  Dinner was fish sticks and fries, which I have successfully eaten on plan in the past.  Where I messed up was eating a slice of cake.  See, I was sent home with a big piece of cake from my party yesterday.  I decided better to eat it now than have it haunting me all week in the fridge.  I did skip the cake at the shower, thinking I might have cake tonight.  Guess that's something...

So, I didn't have a good weekend.  I didn't stay on plan or even close to the plan.  What the heck is up with that?  Why can't I get back on track?  I did it last winter/spring.  Why can't I do it NOW???

I need a good day.  I need ONE day of being on plan.  The goal is ONE day on being on plan - TOMORROW!

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