Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Having a good day

I recognize that week days are easier than weekends for me.  Sucks, but true.  My Sat. and Sun. wasn't good.  I ate too much left over Christmas snacks.  But the clock turned midnight on Monday and it all changed.  I am back to eating healthy and exercising without a problem.  What is about Sat. and Sun. that just KILLS me??? 

With that being said, today was good.  I mixed up breakfast with oatmeal today.  Yes, it was instant.  Yes, it was flavored, but it was different and filling.  I had some nice dried cherries with it.  Lunch was a big salad and Progresso Soup.  It was not good soup, which sucks since we have another couple cans of it in the pantry.  :-(  And it's not even 0 points!  Dinner was left over pizza, hence the low-point lunch.  I planned ahead early so I could have the two slices of left over pizza.  And it was good.  :-)

Work out went really well.  I have my schedule all laid out on my calendar and today was the 30 minute run and Day 3 Wii Active 6-Week Challenge.  After Sat.'s run, I had low expectations for the treadmill.  Goal went from 30 minutes to either 1.5 miles or 25 minutes, whichever came first.  BUT, I was getting into the music on the shuffle and didn't notice I had passed both.  So, I went for 30 minutes, which ended up being 1.75 miles.  Not bad.  Then I did the Wii Active work out.  Proud that I did both. 

So, good day.  And I seem to be down about 3 pounds (home scale) from Friday.  Phew!  The scale is going back down!!

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