Monday, March 8, 2010

Ups and downs

What a weekend!  Wow.  We headed out Saturday to Philly to meet our friend from NY for the Philly Craft Beer Festival.  It was soooo fun!  I had high hopes and it exceeded my expectations.  I was worried there would be too many people to get to the tables, lines would be long, and it would just be conjested.  I was worried for nothing.  The lines at the first couple of tables were long, but as you moved along it was fine.  The beer was good, the people nice, and the other attendees were fun!  So would do it again next year.  And if you've never been to one, go! 

But, beer festivals do not help the diet.  LOL!  And it really killed the weekend.  I had a yummy humus and pita appetizer and a delicious vegetable sandwich for dinner.  I did have some sweet potato fries later, but not many.  Then Sunday, we stopped at the diner and had breakfast.  Diners make the best breakfast.  Had the best corn muffin and Belgium waffles.  It was awesome!!  We headed home and napped.  LOL!  Then we just ordered pizza and fries.  Just did not feel up to making dinner.  Ah well...

Today, back on track.  Tomorrow I start a new temp job, so I went out for a couple things.  I tried on all my work clothes last week and since I haven't really worn them since the spring, I had no idea what would fit and what wouldn't.  So, I headed out for a suit jacket.  I got that, a dress, a dress with a jacket, and a sheath dress and since they were from Ross and Burlington Coat Factory, they were affordable.  And I am really excited about the clothes.  :-)  And the best part is, they are two sizes smaller than I would have worn this time last year.  Yea!  I'm happy about that.

I start the new temporary job tomorrow.  Eh.  Not happy about it, but whatever.  I have to do something.  Supposedly it's four weeks.  We shall see.  I have a friend who works out that way, so hopefully we can meet for lunch once or twice.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. How was the first day on the job???

  2. Eh. Kinda sucked. I'll share with ya via email.