Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's been quit a long time since I've been around these parts.  I think the dust bunnies have even given up.  Sorry!  It's been a really rough month.  I have eaten like crap, not exercised, started a temporary job I hate, and just about have lost all motivation in the scheme of things.  It sucks.

So, to get myself out of my funk, I wrote for for the first time in a month.  Yea, see, it's not just here.  LOL! 

And while today's article is all about Gettysburg, overall today's article pertains to you all.  The National Park Service is celebrating National Parks Week and all 392 national parks are offering free admission.  Check it out!

Head out to a National Park for free between April 17-25


  1. hello friend. glad to see you are blog alive. hope you are well and will visit more often. the dust bunnies and I are lonely.

  2. I'll be back more often. :-) Glad you had the bunnies to keep you company. LOL!