Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coming Back

Alright, I have had a rough month in pretty much all aspects of my life.  Sucks.  And I'm now working on coming back from it. 

I am coming back to healthy eating and exercising.  Tomorrow will be rough food wise since we haven't really gone grocery shopping in awhile and we need more healthy food in the house.  I'm going to do my best to find some healthy stuff in the house to cover tomorrow until we get to the grocery store.  I think there's enough stuff around I can patch together some meals for the day.

I am also going running after work.  I am packing a bag, changing at work, and running along Front Street in Harrisburg.  It's a great path along the Susquehanna River and I've wanted to run there for a while.  Since the office is about 5 minutes from the path, I thought why not?  I need to get back to running and since I've never run there before, it's a nice adventure.  There's also a National Park near the office I may try out.  Not tomorrow of course, but in the near future.  Might as well make it fun again.

I haven't really written for for a long time (minus the last article).  I am getting back to that this week.  It may not be 4 articles like I was doing before, but 2-3 would be a good start.  Two would be a good start this week.  LOL!

I also plan on getting on track with the photography.  I have about a month before vacation and I really want to be ready to hit the ground running when I return.  That means I have a BOAT load of work to do for that to be feasible.  I can do it.  I work best under pressure and I'm feeling it now...pressure that is.  I have a bunch of things to get moving on, but I can do it and you know what, if it all doesn't get done?  I can still get started.  I'm not going to let perfection stop me from doing this.

So, this is Day 1 of starting over.  Any motivational thoughts you want to share would be greatly appreciated.  And I'll be back more often to post...promise!

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  1. My WW leader says that all the times before were just practice and that this IS the time, so good for you for getting back on track - on everything. Glad to see the dust bunnies and I aren't alone here anymore! Welcome back!