Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last one for a while

Hello Friends!

It hasn't been all that long since my last post, but it feels that way.  So much has been going no lately!  Hubby and I have been prepping for a fabulous vacation and am so excited for it!  We've saved for this trip for two years and planned it for the last 5 months.  So hard to believe it's here! 

I will admit to you, I have intention of being healthy on vacation.  I'm sorry.  I have packed my running gear and plan on running while away.  It will not in any way help with whatever foods I eat while away or alcohol I may drink, but it's something.  :-)   And on the advice of a friend, I will take photos of me running...or have hubby do it for evidence I did actually run.  LOL!

With that being said, I am back on the WW band wagon come June 1.  No excuses.  No compromises.  No wavering.  I WILL GO BACK.  I will face the number on the scale.  I will face my food demons.  I will run.  I will eat healthy.  I will exercise.  I will try to wrap my head around my food issues.  I will reach out for help when I need it. 

And if you think I'm kidding, I have every intention of running the following races:

June 15 - Colon Caner 5k
June 26 - Spirit of Gettysburg
June 27 - Baltimore Women's Classic (my first 5k ever last year!!)

I need to keep myself accountable and I think having these races staring me in the face when I get back will help with that.  And I ask you, dear friends, to help keep me accountable as well.  I know you can do it! 

When I return, I'll be posting photos of the trip and outlining how I plan on doing the above.  :-)

Until then,

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