Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm back!

Hello my friends!  I am back from vacation.  It was an amazing experience and one I doubt I will ever top and I'm ok with that.  We spent two weeks in Europe, a week in Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice) then headed to Paris for four days and London for four days.  There are no words to describe it really. 

And I was true to my word and didn't care what I ate.  I didn't think about it over all, just enjoyed the trip and the food, as Italy is well-known for good food.  :-)  I had lots of pasta and pizza and believe it or not, lots of fruits and veggies.  See, I'm a picky food eater and there were lots of meals that I wouldn't eat, so I was able to secure vegetable meals.  And oh my, were they good!  I had a delicious eggplant parmesan, lovely salads, and good plates of cooked vegetables.  In France, I tended to order entree salads (which were really good!) and in London, I had several vegetarian meals.  And all were yummy!

I also got WAY more exercise in than I thought I would.  We walked basically everywhere.  No lie.  I wish my Garmin worked in Europe (yes, I brought it).  I bet we walked a good 4-5 miles each day, if not more.  We walked up steps, we walked down steps, we walked into town, we walked out of town, we walked over bridges, we walked over canals.  It was crazy!  But, in the end, there was lots of exercise.  I even ran twice - once in Paris and once in London.  I am very proud of myself for packing running gear and actually using it!  My run in London was lovely.  I ran about 2 miles in Hyde Park and it was just a wonderful experience.  The temperature was cool and it hadn't started raining yet.  I had my shuffle and I just wandered the park running along seeing things I hadn't before - like cute little baby ducks.  So cute!

And when I came home, I weighed myself.  I wanted to see how much I had gained.  And, to my surprise, I had lost.  The day we left I had two different numbers on the scale, about 5 pounds apart.  I was keeping the higher number in my head the whole time rather than the lesser.  And if we continue using that number, I lost about 5.2 pounds on vacation without watching a darn thing I ate or drank.  I was amazing!

But, it is now June 1 and I said I was back on plan.  It has not been an easy day of it.  Breakfast was fine and lunch was fine.  It was dinner and the evening that didn't go so well.  But, you know what?  For being completely off track for two weeks, being on track 2/3 of the day is a good start.  I'm going to weigh-in on Friday, which will say I'm up and that's ok.  I'm going to do my best to eat healthy the rest of the week and get some exercise in.  It will be light exercise as I sprained my ankle badly in Paris and it still hurts a bit.  I'm not going to make it worse when I have three races I want to run this month.

So, here it is my friends, my committment to healthier eating.  Today I was 2/3 on track.  For how long it's been since I've even THOUGHT about eating healthy, that's not bad.  If I can keep that up the rest of the week, I will consider week one successful. 


  1. think about what you ate on your trip. i bet you didn't have nearly as much processed food as you do at home. american's have the worst diet ever because we cave to all the processed foods and the "diet" foods. we are the fattest nation ever. eat like the french. they are doing something right. ;)

  2. Thanks Carrie! I did eat a ton of veggies on the trip. In Paris, I had two salads...which were delicious. I also had lots of garden salads and some vegetarian meals too, which were just easier to eat while out than worrying about the meat options.

    And we WALKED everywhere. No lie. Even the day I badly sprained my ankle (which STILL hurts), we walked all over Paris. It was amazing how much we walked really. I credit the walking AND the veggies for the lack of gainage.

    I really need to learn how to cook so that vegetables are as good as what I ate in Europe. But, I will say, I had my fair share of pizza and large quantities of pasta. Most days though, we only ate a small breakfast and then our large dinner. I'm thinking I need to focus on having at least one salad a day. It worked in Europe. :-)