Monday, July 5, 2010


It's been a few days, but Friday was weigh-in day.  This week was one of those weeks where I really had no idea if I would be up or down.  I've been trying not to weigh myself everyday, just on Fridays before I go to WI.  My theory is I don't get all crazy during the week with ups and downs and at least I should have a feeling going in if I'm up or down.  The numbers aren't always the same, but at least I'll be prepared.

With that being said, the scale at home was finicky.  It said I was up and down.  Ugh.  So, I had no idea what to expect.  Got to the center and weighed in.  And I stayed the same.  And I'm ok with that.  I did expect to see a gain, so I'm really thrilled that I stayed the same this week. 

Why did I expect to see a gain?  It's a really stupid reason.  I exercised more this week.  No, I am not blaming new muscles for my "weight-gain" theory.  But I am blaming my "oh, I exercised today.  I can eat a little more." attitude.  I did run more this week than I have in ages.  12 miles to be precise.  For many people that's nothing, but to me, 12 miles in one week is crazy!  Especially in this heat.  And so, I ate more than I should have.  :-( 

The good thing is I knew exactly what I did.  I used exercise as an excuse to eat.  It's not.  And I know that.  So, I have committed myself to tracking this week.  I have been really slack in that department, which is partly why I ate more than I should have last week, I wasn't keeping track.  Well, I am tracking now.  I have tracked all weekend, even with it being a holiday.  I had funnel cake and tracked it!  And would you believe I still have flex points?  I do.  I also plan on having ice cream tonight.  And will track that.  So, here's to a good weigh-in this Friday!


  1. In my world - 12 miles IS crazy! I can only dream of running 12 miles or using exercise as an excuse not to eat! And as I always say, a no gain week is a good week, so go you! YEAH!

    Dare I ask how many points funnel cake is???

  2. Thanks. LOL! Yea, 12 miles was a crazy week. But it's the week with the two 5ks (3.1 miles), so that ups it pretty quick.

    I saw two different things for funnel cake. One was 20 points and one was for 24 points. Based on the description, I went with 20. I could be terribly wrong, but the one I got sounded like the 20 point one. Guess Friday will tell. :-)