Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baltimore Women's Classic 5k

I just signed up for the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k on June 24th.  I didn't think I'd get to run it this year as I had tentative plans to be out of town, so when that didn't pan out I realized I could run it.

I'm pretty excited about it.  This race was the very first 5k race I ever ran way back in 2009.  I trained literally 6 months to run it.  LOL!  I started the year running 1 mile and then slowly adding in quarter mile increments until I could run 3.1 miles.  And I made sure I could run 3.1 miles before I ever toed the line.

In 2009, the temperature was gorgeous.  I couldn't believe how cool it was out.  Baltimore is just over an hour south of me, but it is consistently 10 degrees hotter there than here.  But, for whatever reason, there was a beautiful breeze and I knew the temperature was going to be perfect for me.

I headed to the back of the pack, because I knew I was going to be slow.  I had absolutely no goal except to finish.  I didn't care how long it took me, I just wanted to cross the finish line.  I had on a Jersey Girl t-shirt and had a lovely conversation with some women who ran a race down the Jersey shore.

When the race started, it took quite a bit to get to the start.  There were about 1,700 women running that morning.  And only women.  The BWC is the country's 2nd oldest women-only race and is Maryland's first women's-only race.

I ran slowly, but I ran.  I trained six months for this and I didn't try going out too fast.  I remember we needed to run over the bridge that takes you to Fort McHenry, but you didn't get to run at Fort McHenry.  Just over the bridge and back.  What I remember about that bridge is many of the people who were around me couldn't run up it.  The small hills I had trained on helped me get over it twice - once on the way towards the Fort and once away from it.

Once past that part of the race, it was onward to the finish line.  There was a woman I passed and was passed by for the next mile and a half.  As we headed to the home stretch, she passed me...walking.  Oh heck no!  No one walking was going to beat me to the finish line!  As much as I didn't have much left to give, I started running faster.  I passed her just before the finish line and made it in before her.

When I crossed the line, I was handed a cold bottle of water and a beautiful rose.  I had no idea about the rose.  It was such an amazing touch in my opinion.  I finished in 45:25.  Oh yes, 15+ minute miles.  But I didn't care.  I finished.  I ran the whole thing and I crossed the finish line!

After the race, I decided that every year I could I would run this race.  And I have.  I ran it in 2010 and 2011 and I'll run it in 2012.  It is one of my favorite races and I am excited to be able to run it again.

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  1. So glad this worked out for you to run the race again! I know you will do great!