Sunday, July 8, 2012

The heat and other random stuff

I'm pretty sure wherever you are reading this, you're probably in a heat wave too.  It's been crazy hot around here these days.  It's been over 90 degrees every day this week since Monday.  And what have I done?  I've actually gone out and run 3 days.  *scratches head*

I hate running in the heat.  Really.  I do.  But Monday, I hit Front Street in Harrisburg for about a 2 mile run (not sure because apparently I forgot to charge Garmin and my Nano, that has a pedometer on it.). According to my car (which I know isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but...) it was 92 degrees out.  I then headed into the Y for my trainer session.  Maybe not the best idea.  I was dying! 

Then Tuesday I hit the mean streets of Manchester to run the Wounded Warrior Virtual 5k, so 3.1 miles.  It was hot then too!  I'm also not a morning person, which means I don't get up at 5 in the morning to run.  I get up my normal time and run.  So, I was out at 9:00 a.m., when it was about 80 degrees.  Fun.

Yesterday, hubby and I hit Pinchot State Park for a trail run.  It was hot!  The car said it was about 86 degrees at 9:15 a.m.  The car doesn't do humidity though and I am pretty sure that was through the roof, under all those trees.  We took the trail I did last weekend and ran up all sorts of rocks.  Then when we hit where I turned around, hubby decided to take us left...up and over even more rocks!  It was crazy!  No wonder this trail is labeled difficult!  We managed approximately 3 miles in 40 minutes.  You would not have wanted to be around us afterwards though.  LOL! 

Then yesterday, we hit a lake for a picnic with a friend and his family.  It was oppressive!  We hung out on the shore, hubby managed to get into the water, we road around on the boat, then had a yummy picnic dinner.  Sadly, after dinner, a thunderstorm came through and we had to cover the boat and miss the fireworks.  :-(  We ended up hanging out at a local restaurant/bar for a little while, enjoying the air and lack of rain.

I'm hearing tales that the heat wave may be ending.  I'll believe it when I feel it.  And they say global warming is a myth....

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