Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ugh.  I believe I have a milk intolerance.  Last year starting Labor Day weekend, I had a facial breakout after eating ice cream.  It was a delicious Blueberry Cobbler ice cream that was seriously to die for.  I would eat it every day if it hadn't made me breakout.  Ugh.

The following weekend I went back to an ice cream flavor I'd eaten all summer.  And had another breakout.  What????  I finally had a non-breakout experience when I had frozen yogurt.  And it was amazing!  Vanilla frozen yogurt with pumpkin and ginger snaps.  Mmmmmmm....  Then I tried ice cream again and broke out again.  Argh.

For the last year, I have avoided ice cream and have had no problems.  Sucks, but I've been ok.  Then in Las Vegas I had a few pina coladas and broke out.  Huh?  Pina colada?  And then it hit me...milk.  Apparently, they use milk in their mix.

And now, the piece de resistance.  After my 8 mile run yesterday, I stopped off for a chocolate milk and a banana.  And today?  Breakout.  

I apparently have developed a milk intolerance or some such. I've been reading about the correlation between milk/sugar and breakouts.  There is a strong correlation.  Lovely.  So, I guess it's time to implement a diet that has less dairy and less sugar.  This is going to suck...

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