Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Gear

Alright, as I stated about a week and a half ago, I'm an Olympics junkie.  I have watched literally as much coverage as I can, jumping from channel to channel when coverage ends.  I've seen diving, swimming, fencing, beach volleyball, regular volleyball, track and field, synchronized swimming, water polo, gymnastics, table tennis (ping pong!), boxing, judo... You get my point.

And now I want the gear.  I want the running singlets our runners are wearing

Men's because you don't need to see my stomach in the ladies singlet
I want the gray jacket that some of the athletes are wearing on the podium

I also like the beach volleyball long sleeve shirts the women have had to wear

I do have to admit, I find the Brazilian's uniform kinda funny....

Anyone know where I can get these items?  Minus Brazil's sports bra.  :-)  And if anyone knows where we can pick up some Jamaican Olympic gear...
Men's version again.  See above.

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