Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some positiveness

Lately I've been a little down on the ole blog.  Sorry!  It wasn't my intent.  So, in honor of trying to get things back on the positive side, kitty pictures!  Cats have taken over the internet and I for one approve.  Here are my cuties and a little personality description because cats DO have personalities!

Higgy, Higs, Baffum, H-bomb, Tabby, Tabs, Higgy the Baffum
Higgy was the first kitty I adopted in 1998.  There was an ad in the newspaper offering free kittens.  My mom and I headed over and the woman brought out a basket with three kittens in it, two black and white kittens and a tabby.  I'm partial to black kitties and figured they would be making the trip home with me.  And then I looked at the box I brought with me to take home said kittens.  There was a tabby in it!  And sucker that I am, I did not have the heart to take him out.  He came home that day.
Obsessive Compulsive (seriously, the vet diagnosed him with this...twice!)
Evil Genius (hubby's description)

Pookabear, Pooks, Bear Cub, Tail, Bear, Fluffybutt
Pooka is Higgy's brother.  He was one of the little black kittens in the basket.  Once I realized the tabby was coming home, I had to make a decision between the two black kitties since I was only allowed two.  I put my hand into the basket to see if one would come over.  One did.  I picked him up and he immediately purred.  I was done.  He came home in my little box.  Such a sucker for a purring kitty...
Laid back
Soft (not a personality trait, but hubby thinks so)
Occassional moments of brilliance

Lizzie, A-Lizza-a-kitten, Kitten, Lizzybeth, Little One, Miss Elizabeth, Missy, Missy May, Squeakers, Little Friend, Little Miss, Squawker

Elizabeth is a PetSmart adoption kitten.  Hubby and I were volunteering at PetSmart by cleaning the kitty cages and playing with them when we met Elizabeth.  She was a skinny little thing who was very clingy.  She would curl herself into a little ball and settle onto my lap.  She would lie there and purr and purr and purr.  We fell in love with her.  After about a month we decided this little cutie needed to come home with us and we adopted her in 2006.  When she was weighed by the vet, she was 6 pounds!  She has since gained more weight, but I still remember her being this pathetic little thing we brought home.

Intellectually challenged

These furballs are 100% members of our little family.  I can't imagine life without them.  What about you?  Do you have furfriends?  Do they have their own personalities?

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