Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eating Issues

Cheesesteak eggrolls

I am realizing more and more that food and I do not always get along. I spent the last two years losing weight and I was this close to reaching my goal this past July. I was about 12 pounds away from it. And then I stopped all my healthy habits and fell into all those habits that had been part of my life for the past 35 years. 

Breakfasts have been fine over all this time. I've managed to eat healthy everyday (besides my Saturday morning donut). This meal has been easy to keep on track for. I suppose anything would make this meal easy to keep on track with when for years I didn't eat breakfast at all.

Lunch generally is pretty good. I tend to eat healthy lunches. I pack a lunch two days a week and eat at home the other three. I rarely eat lunch on weekends because we're not home. Sandwiches, carrots, and apples are generally what make up my lunch, whether at home or at work. Occassionally, based on how hungry I think I'll be I'll either pack nuts or buy them at work. I won't lie, some Fridays I just don't feel like packing and buy out. Usually, pretzel nuggets from Auntie Anne's or I might hit up a local restaurant for their Turkey Melt and sweet potato fries. But, overall lunches are decent.

My biggest downfall is when I come home. I either stop on my way home and grab a (bad) snack. If I don't do that, I come home and eat something from the pantry. Usually pretzel rods, but it could be anything - nuts, potato chips, crackers. Whatever happens to be lying around. Then I go on to eat dinner. I don't know what it is about snacking after work. It doesn't matter if I come right home or stop at the gym first, I go right for food. I know this is tripping me up big time. It starts a downward spiral of eating for the night. If I did go to the gym before coming home, it totally negates all the good I did. Ugh.

Dinner's aren't always great. I'm lazy when it comes to making dinner. I don't want to make huge casseroles or meat with vegetables. It really is hit or miss when it comes to dinner, some nights I'm all about the healthy, other nights I'm all about the easy. I really need a chef. Not only would they help me eat healthy, but I wouldn't have to cook. Yes. Lazy. Dinners are not awful per se, but they aren't always healthy. There are enough nights of potato chips/french fries/crap. It apparently is adding up.

Dessert. Ahhhh...dessert. My favorite meal of the day. And honestly, it's becoming a meal in it's own right. It used to be I could have a "real" dessert on Friday and Saturday night. The other nights of the week I could have a couple pieces of chocolate (Hershey Kisses so I can limit them) or maybe jelly beans (good sugar rush, but easy to count out ahead of time). Lately, I've been having slices of apple pie every night or some other bakery dessert. Yea. This helps the ole diet.

Writing it down helps me see I'm not doing everything wrong. I apparently can handle breakfast and lunch. It's just late afternoon/dinner/after dinner that is the problem. Which isn't great that 3 out of 5 times of day I am struggling, but I suppose it's good I know this. I know where to concentrate. I can work on each one, trying to bring that back to where I was. Build on success.

I also know I need to get my butt back to the gym and on the roads again. I haven't been that great about running lately or going to the gym after work. I know this is the busiest time of year, but you know what? I need to focus on getting there. I have a trainer I see on Monday nights, I can hit the gym after work on Wednesday and Thursday, and I can run on Saturday. I might even squeeze a run in on Monday and/or Tuesday.

I can do this. I can turn things around. I just need to concentrate and follow through.

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