Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie Madness 5k

Yesterday I got my butt up and ran the Movie Madness 5k hosted by the York Road Runners Club. I have to say the main reason was twofold: 1. The race was 5 minutes from the house and 2. I got a medal. How can you go wrong with this???

So, we met our friends Tina (For The Love Of The Run) and her hubby Friday night at packet pick-up and for dinner, which was at the same place. Tina's hubby was running the half the next morning, while I was slacking with the 5k. We had a great dinner and great conversations.

Hubby and I got up about 7:00 am. Saturday morning. The race started at 8:00 a.m. So nice to get up at a reasonable hour to run a race! Got out the door about 7:30 a.m. and made the parking lot about 7:35 a.m. :-) Got there and walked to the start, which wasn't far and found Tina and her hubby.

The half marathon set off at 8:00 a.m., which the 5k started 10 minutes later so we all cheered as Tina's hubby headed off for 13.1. The 5k had the same first 1.5 miles as the half, so they wanted to make sure the half marathoners had a good head start and not get caught up with us 5kers.

I got in line at the back and chatted with a lady who ran the half in April. And then we were off!  The bulk of the race really was in the parking lots of the high and middle schools. A tad boring honestly. But that's another story.

Yup. Caught playing with Garmin.

We headed off towards the middle school, then around it. Once around the middle school, we ran back towards the high school, but turned out of the parking lot areas onto Board Road. I saw Hubby and Tina as I turned to go onto the road.

I was freaking out a bit. My first half mile was 5:30. I have never run a 5:30 half mile before...

 Then it was time to run on Board Road. It was an out and back on the road portion of the race. It was off running the this part of this course because I run here all the time for training purposes. I did think the course would take us out further than it did, but we turned around much closer to the schools than I thought. On the way back though, apparently the neighbors didn't get the message that a race was going on. One of the them was using a forklift to move items off a flat bed truck. Really? You couldn't wait the 30/40 minutes to let the race finish before doing that? Jerk.
Anyway... I got back to the school and turned back into the parking lot.

The rest of the race was pretty uneventful. Complete the course backwards from how we went out. Lots of hilly areas to get through, but it wasn't awful. I came up to the high school and yea! the race was almost over.

And there is even a race photo of me! I had no idea there was even photography at the event! It's not even a bad photo either.

And then it's the finish line! The time above me reflects the half marathon rather than the half. I finished the race about 10 minutes faster than the timer.

I didn't PR this event, but I didn't have any preconceived notions I would. I really haven't been running like I should, so just finishing was a victory. I mean, not a come-back from awful injury victory, but I haven't run in ages, I don't want to embarrass myself victory. LOL!

I didn't get a t-shirt, but I did get a medal.  Woot!

Nice medal, huh? Overall, it was a good local race. Because there was a theme (movie madness), there were lots of people dressed in costumes. There was a guy dressed as Forest Gump in a suit who ran the half marathon. Yes, he ran 13.1 miles in a suit. Impressed? Yes. It was fun that people dressed up and ran. I'm thinking of running the next one and dressing up. Why not? It's local. I get a medal. I can dress up in a costume. Seems like a fun time!


  1. Congrats on the race! Where did you end up finding all of the pictures?

  2. Thanks! My hubby was unable to race due to injury, so he brought the camera and took them for me. I was lucky.