Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It is the day after the Presidential election here in the States. On one hand I am proud to be an American due to the process where I can go to the polls, chose who I want to lead my country, and not have to worry about the personal consequences. I am free to do so. I am free to agree or disagree with the results. As it is the right of all Americans.

What I hope going forward is people recognize the Office of President deserves respect. The man who holds that office deserves respect. No matter who the person is. It seems that we have gotten away from the ability to converse civilly about politics, our opinions, our beliefs. People are still calling each other names because others didn't vote for their candidate. They wonder about others naivety or their education.

Can we please recognize that the majority picked President Obama, whether you agree with it or not. Can we please stop thinking those who do not believe what we believe in are dumb or are ignorant of the facts? I know I'm a bit guilty of that. I know I had a hard time understanding what caused people to vote for the other guy, what people who I believe are educated people to pick the candidate I thought didn't have the capacity to run the country. I know I need to take my own advice, yup. I got it.

So, Mr. President I wish you well in the next four years. I hope you can breach the divide that seems to be a huge part of our country right now. It's a tough road you have chosen to walk, but you apparently have the vote. I will do my part in trying to be more understanding of those who differ from me and try to educate myself as to why others believe as they do. Because until we can truly understand the other side of the coin, we will never come back together.

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