Thursday, March 14, 2013

Packing for a race

Alrighty, this coming weekend is Shamrock weekend! Did you know that? LOL! I've been working on packing over the last few nights. I don't want to be sitting here Friday morning running around the house making sure I have everything. I can't give one more mile of running away this weekend! I need all the energy I can get!

Tuesday night I stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods for a gym bag. I've been using bags I'd be given from races, but with two races, multiple shoes, and accessories I needed a better option. I picked this one up:

What I liked about it is the material and both ends had space for shoes without the shoes actually having to be in the bag. I'm excited to take it to Shamrock this weekend because I think it's going to hold everything I need really well.

So, what am I bringing? I have three lists: one for the 8k; one for the half; one for accessories. Here they are:

* Capri pants
* Shamrock shirt (fun shirt from Wal-Mart)
* Black cami
* Shamrock socks
* Bra
* Panties
* Sneakers

The 8k I'm having fun with. I'm not wearing a tech shirt because it's only 5 miles (It still boggles my mind that I can say only 5 miles). And how can you race without fun theme socks????

* Capri pants
* Balaga green socks
* Green shirt
* White cami
* Running bra
* Panties
* Sneakers

The half I'm not messing with. Wearing all the good stuff - tech shirt and Balaga socks. I won't be as fun with my outfit, but for me 13.1 miles isn't something to mess around with.

* Road ID
* Garmin
* Nano
* Sparkle green headbands
* Shamrock ponytail holders
* Sunblock
* Watermelon sports beans
* Nathan blue waist belt
* Peanut Butter crackers
* Sunglasses
* Body glide

It seems like a lot of "extras," but I these are my basics. Sunblock is a must. An eye doctor once thought I was an albino. Yea...I'm that white. Road ID because I want them to know who I am when I fall over. I know many people can run a race without their Garmin or Nano (music), I'm not among them. Nope. I need to know how many miles I've gone and I need music. I don't always hear it, but there are times when I need the random song to come on and just make me laugh. The headband and ponytail holders are my little flair. I need my belt to put my sports beans in. They are what I train with and they are what I will eat on the course. And the ever important body glide. LOL! I have no desire to be chaffed after the race, I'm sure I'll have enough problems without adding that!

So there you have it. I'm almost completely packed. I need to top off the Garmin, download some tunes for the Nano and make sure it's charged. Once that's all done, then all I need to do is get the rest of my clothes for the weekend and tolietries done. I want all this packing done and ready Friday morning. Last year we left later than we planned and almost missed Friday night packet pick-up. I don't want to repeat that.

Do you list out everything you need for a race before hand? Does your list look like this? Am I missing something you feel is essential?

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