Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Stride Box

It's May and that means it's time for a new Stride Box! Yea! I signed up for the April one and kept on because you know, real mail is much better than bills and such. Plus, this mail gives me the chance to try out new running stuff. Last month was fun because I wasn't sure what to expect. This month, I knew the type of items to expect and I couldn't wait to see what was included! So, without further ado, here is this month's Stride Box!

First of all, this month the box itself is different. How awesome is this?

How cool is that? I like that it is recycled. Very cool Stride Box.

So, what was in this month's box?

So much cool stuff this month! Here's a run down...

NEW FLAVOR! Popular 95% Organic energy chew in a new flavor.
Sports Beans
Quick energy, with carbs and electrolytes, for sports performance.
Quality, performance, and digestibility in a great tasting gel.
Bottle Bright
Cleans water bottles, travel mugs, and other hard-to-clean vessels. Fill your bottle with water, drop tab in, wait 15 minutes, rinse.
Pro-Tec Athletics
Advanced liquid technology protects against blisters and abrasions. Peel and press bandage over area you want to protect.
Perfect Fit
Gluten, sugar, and allergen free organic brown rice protein.

Keep your stinky, dirty shoes from making a mess in your bag. Clip your shoes in the Klitch, and clip it to your sports bag.
Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff
Vegan, gluten-free bar jam packed with anti-oxidants. Great as a recovery bar, or anytime between training sessions.

NEW PRODUCT! Classic PB&J Bonk flavor in a perfect bite size portion.

Of all this month's items, the only one I have tried before is the Sports Beans. I use them all the time. I personally love the watermelon flavor, but it's hard to get around here so I generally go with the assorted. Woot! Another bag for my long runs!

I was a bit confused by the Klitch until I checked out the back. What a cool idea! I bought a sports bag specifically with side pockets so I could put my shoes in there, away from my clothes, but the Klitch is great for other times. I'm looking forward to trying that out! 

Hubby liked the Bottle Bright. I have to say I'm interested in that too since we both use water bottles all the time and it is hard to get them clean sometimes. This could be the perfect solution!

Hubby and I also were interested in the Stinger. He seemed pretty interested in it. I like the new flavor though, cherry cola? Hello! How cool is that? That could be great for a long run. 

If you're interested in getting all sorts of fun stuff to try out for a really reasonable price, check out Stride Box. It's a fun little box to get in the mail and a great collection of running samples. I'm really digging mine!


  1. Awesome review! I got my stridebox today :) Very happy with the balance of products in there.

    1. I agree! I like the variety. The shoe clip is kinda cool too. Value of the box in that item alone! I'm starting to love that little box. :)