Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TRX journey started last night

East Shore YMCA TRX room
Tonight was night one of my TRX classes. I signed up because it looked interesting and I need something to challenge me. When the West Shore Y started offering them, I remember telling my trainer that I could never do that, I don't have the balance. Amazing what a year can do for one's attitude.
So, after helping arrange someone to go to tonight's Oriole's game tonight with hubby (kinda forgot we had tix), I arrived at the gym and made my way to the studio. Set myself up there in the back left corner, so I wasn't totally visible from the front door, and got ready. We started out with some stretching that kinda got the heart pumping more than I anticipated. LOL! 

Since it was the first class, we did the very basics and wow, could feel it immediately! I felt good about myself because I wasn't the only one who struggled a bit with it. You could hear people in the room breathing hard, grunting, and kinda laughing. I tend to laugh when I can't do something and it seemed like I wasn't the only one who does this. 

After the class, I could already feel the soreness in my quads. I walked down to the ladies locker room saying to myself, don't fall down the steps and land on the nice lady in front of you. LOL! I didn't. 

I then managed to walk back upstairs (4 flights of stairs) to the fitness center. I somehow managed to run my interval routine. That first mile of running almost brought me to my knees! My quads were just not happy. I got through that mile and each running mile after felt easier. Hopefully that means I ran out some of the soreness setting in from TRX. If you're interested, here's my interval routine. Going to change it next time, move up the speed.

30:00-29:00 ~ Run 5.4
29:00-28:00 ~ WALK 3.5
28:00-27:00 ~ WALK 3.5
27:00-26:00 ~ Run 5.4
26:00-25:00 ~ WALK 3.5
25:00-24:00 ~ WALK 3.5
24:00-23:00 ~ Run 5.4
23:00-22:00 ~ WALK 3.5
22:00-21:00 ~ WALK 3.5
21:00-20:00 ~ Run 5.4
20:00-19:00 ~ WALK 3.5
19:00-18:00 ~ WALK 3.5
18:00-17:00 ~ Run 5.6
17:00-16:00 ~ WALK 3.5
16:00-15:00 ~ WALK 3.5
15:00-14:00 ~ Run 5.6
14:00-13:00 ~ WALK 3.5
13:00-12:00 ~ WALK 3.5
12:00-11:00 ~ Run 5.6
11:00-10:00 ~ WALK 3.5
10:00-9:00 ~ WALK 3.5
9:00-8:00 ~ Run 5.8
8:00-7:00 ~ WALK 3.5
7:00-6:00 ~ WALK 3.5
6:00-5:00 ~ Run 5.8
5:00-4:00 ~ WALK 3.5
4:00-3:00 ~ WALK 3.5
3:00-2:00 ~ Run 5.8
2:00-1:00 ~ WALK 3.5
1:00-0:00 ~ WALK 3.5

I think it helped me on my 5k this past Sat. I felt like I was going faster throughout my race and my times reflected that. I'm happy to see such a noticeable difference so quickly. Makes me want to keep doing the above. I've got less than 2 weeks til Zooma. Gotta do whatever I can to be as ready as possible. I think I'll even keep at this routine come summer when I take a break. It's tough. It's challenging. It's making a difference.
Hoping I'll be able to walk today...


  1. Sounds like you are ready and willing to kick some ass! Keep up the good work!

    1. Well, I'm tryin'. LOL! Right now my quads won't allow for any ass kicking. Too sore. Sore is supposed to be good right???