Monday, June 17, 2013

Motivational Monday

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.

It sounds so simple doesn't it? You have to believe you can do something before you can. That's how we grow up. You have to believe you can walk while you are crawling. You have to believe you can run while you walk. You have to believe you can learn to read while being taught.

When we are children, these things come with ease. We believe we can do anything. Climb a tree? Jump a fence? Ride a bike? Yup. These are all attempted and learned, even if we fall a few times. We expect that at some point, we will do this. We will climb the tree, jump the fence, ride the bike.

But, there comes a time when we stop believing we will achieve what we set out to do. There comes a time when we become fearful of failing...of falling. Of knowing what could have been. Of remembering all those times we did try and fell short. 

It is time for a mindset reset. It's time for all of us to realize we are not perfect. That at some point we will fail. We will fall. But, rather than letting it pull us down, we need to expect to succeed. We need to expect the results we want. We need to expect that we will dust ourselves off when we fall and continue on to that goal we set. It's possible. It's more than possible, it's doable.

What change in mindset will you do this week to succeed?


  1. I've been talking to my son about this exact thing. I'm trying to get him to believe in himself and step out of his comfort zone even with a risk of failing.

    1. It's not easy! I've tried several things that were WAY out of my comfort zone...and survived. LOL! But, it still is scary. Hopefully, he decides to jump off the deep end and have fun!

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  3. Oftentimes I'm in this routine of things and hesitate doing new things. The last time I stepped out of my comfort zone was during my honeymoon. I signed us up for a skyride, bob sled and zip lining, even though I'm super afraid of heights. I was super nervous,but had the time of my life and so glad I did something new!

    1. Go you for doing the heights thing! I really want to do a zip line, just haven't wanted to spend the money. LOL! There is a place locally that does it with a big jungle-type thing you climb between zip lines. I want to do that. Will there be pics of the above?