Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here we go again

I had a really good start to my 40 pound challenge. In 3 weeks, I was down 7 pounds. I was happy, a little behind schedule but happy. Then I had a bunch of things happen one right after another that threw me emotionally and I got off track. I knew what I was doing to myself, but I couldn't stop.

Friday, I got on the scale anticipating a really bad number. It wasn't a good one, about a 6 pound gain. I knew it was coming and honestly felt it would be worse. I was surprised at how low the weight was on the scale.

What does this mean? Does it mean I've given up? Does it mean I'm just going to stay where I am? Does it mean I'm going to continue on the way I have been? No. I'm going back to the habits that I had started using that brought about weight loss.

I will not reach my 40 pound goal by Nov. 11th. I am saddened by this, but because of that challenge I'm not going to give up. I am going to go back to my healthy habits and do my best to lose what I can by then. I may not be able to reach 40 pounds by Nov. 11th, but I can lose something.

I don't want to give in. I want to succeed and that's what I plan on doing!

Have you ever been thrown off track with your diet or exercise? What steps did you take to right the train?

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